About Jessica

jessica johnson retouchedMy interest in healing and the body-mind is of long standing. When living in Mexico during the 1990s I studied body-orientated psychotherapy (Core Energetics) with John Pierrakos MD and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations Therapy.  My search for a therapeutic system that would provide a bridge between our physical, mental and emotional aspects led me to studying Shiatsu at the European School of Shiatsu on my return to the UK. I liked its grounding in the natural world and cyclical change (the approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and firm take on the Western models of anatomy, physiology and pathology. Since graduating in 2002, I have been practising in both Bristol and Malmesbury as well as expanding my skills with ongoing postgraduate studies. These have included a Diploma in Holistic Care for Maternity (2006) from Suzanne Yates, founder of Well Mother and author of Shiatsu for Midwives (2003), Beautiful Birth (2008) and Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Holistic Approach to Massage and Bodywork (2010).

In 2008 I decided to expand my therapeutic portfolio by embarking on a two year course of Craniosacral Biodynamics. I chose to study at the Karuna Institute with its grounding in Buddhist practice and because its founder Franklyn Sills, author of Craniosacral Biodynamics I & II, is a leading exponent of  the biodynamic (as opposed to the biomechanical approach) in Craniosacral work. I have subsequently attended Karlton Terry’s 4 year Embodiment course (2010-12) which explores pre-natal dynamics (fascinating!) and have a Core Process Advanced Diploma in Mindfulness in Relationship, also from the Karuna Institute (2012). Since 2014 I have been studying with Michael Shea who is pioneering cranial work directly with the vascular system which has much relevance to the metabolic issues that are so plaguing us today.

Postgraduate courses organised by Cliff Andrews of the Shiatsu College, focusing on key topics such as trauma and the Light Body have overlapped with the Craniosacral work.  In fact I see the two disciplines as highly complementary, being different maps of the selfsame territory. Sometimes clients who come for Craniosacral need the grounding of Shiatsu, while occasionally I find it necessary to work cranially with a Shiatsu client. Traditional Chinese Medicine, of which Shiatsu is an offshoot, was inspired by the discoveries of Daoist Masters. Their search for the elixir of life led them to evolve a series of practices aimed at returning the body-mind to its pristine origins. This is also the fundamental concept behind the Craniosacral emphasis on relaxing the body to a fluid state where conditions can be eased and released through what are called the Long and Mid tides. Our bodies, given space, support and encouragement, know exactly how best to heal.

I practice Taijiwuxigong in the Cotswolds with Poh-Eng San who studied directly with Dr Shen Hongxun. It is a wonderfully effective system for clearing and activating the body-mind, involving  movement, vocal expression and meditation.

As a member of both the Shiatsu Society and the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the United Kingdom I subscribe to their codes of ethics.


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