Keeping the kidneys warm is essential

During pregnancy, as the source of yin and yang, the kidneys are working hard to create the little one. A common sign of water imbalance is dark rings round the eyes - not an unusual  sight with pregnant mums!

The Japanese have long used what they call a haramaki (literally hara or belly warmer). Tubular in shape and made of shirred cotton they can easily be obtained on the internet or you could make one yourself.   I would like to add that the haramaki is NOT exclusively female attire nor indeed limited to pregnancy. In fact it was orginally part of samurai wear. As Autumn approaches we all feel the cold. Depressed Kidney function can affect our supply of oxygen, our immune system and our capacity to deal with stress. Some nice warm padding round this area can make all the difference. Perhaps it may even take off as a fashion item...


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