Heart meditation

“Last year new research was released on what is called the interoceptive* awareness of the heart.  This is the ability to be consciously aware of the movement of the heart in combination with the blood in the middle of the


It turns out that this ability to sense heart movement reduces anxiety and depression.  I teach this practice in my classes and notice a substantial reduction in fear, especially for those students who have any type of heart condition.  So I recommend whenever possible, whether awake at night lying in bed or standing in line checking out at the grocery store, that you spend time each day sensing the movement of your own heart.  If at first you are not able to sense this, take your pulse at the radial or carotid artery and just tune into the power present in the artery and blood.”

(Interoception*, is defined as the sense of the physiological condition of the body)

Michael Shea Phd, Craniosacral teacher and author



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