Skin brushing

This Christmas found me packing up a number of bristle brushes to give to family and friends along with detailed instructions both about how to use them and about the benefits of dry skin brushing. Does skin brushing work?

All I can say is that unlike friends and clients I have managed to stay free from the Christmas lergy which many have found and are still finding difficult to shake off. I also found that the excesses of Christmas did not leave me with that sense of feeling overfed, tired and  physically uncomfortable. Was it my dry skin brushing? I like to think so!

Reasons to dry skin brush are multiple! Firstly it stimulates the skin and encourages blood flow which is great for a kick start in the morning. Dry skin is removed, allowing the pores to breathe and help with bodily respiration.  Most importantly using the brush stimulates many channels of detoxification. These include the lungs, kidneys, gut, liver, lymphatic system, mucous membranes and of course, the skin itself which has been called “the third kidney”!

In terms of physical appearance this means that cellulite is reduced, skin is tightened and muscles toned. More importantly, our immune system is strengthened as the brushing activates what can be a sluggish lymph. It is also helpful with digestion. All good stuff!

 First find your natural bristle brush. I would recommend the Japanese Sisal Spa brush which can be found on the internet between £5-£10. I find this better than a wooden brush – it is more yielding and you don’t end up hitting yourself with the hard wood. Also the sisal is stronger and more stimulating to the skin.

Start your regime. Every morning first thing. It will only take about three minutes. There are as many ways to brush it seems, as articles on the net. I list two of the better sites below.

Dry Skin Brushing.pdf - Click to download document


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