Coming down to earth

How present are you?

As you are reading these words, do you have a sense of your physical body?  Are you worrying about something you haven’t done? Or is there just a nagging anxiety about something or somebody? In other words, how present are you to what you are doing in this moment?

coming down to earthDon’t worry, we all live to a greater or lesser extent in the mind. We need to in order to survive. However on an energetic level I am often treating clients whose lives are so busy that they have forgotten about their physical bodies from the neck down. They don’t feel connected, a whole person. Let’s look at this from the perspective of Nature.

Watching a wild animal, whether a squirrel in the garden or perhaps a polar bear on a wildlife documentary, we can only be amazed at the fluidity and focus of their movements. They seem to be entirely at ease in their bodies, supremely alive and very present to their environment.  For many of us that sense of being at ease in our bodies is difficult or even completely unfamiliar, so hard are we focusing on doing and achieving in our lives.

This aspect of living fully in the moment is often described as being “grounded”. Literally our feet are grounded on the earth, we have a sense of purpose. This being present in the physical body is called embodiment.


So what does embodiment mean?

Personification, incarnation, incorporation, realisation, manifestation, expression, representation, actualization, and concretization are all synonyms for embodiment. In bodywork terms it means coming back into the physical body consciously, connecting with our senses in present time so that we can re-engage with that wonderful sense of being alive. When we are able to make this connection we are more conscious of ourselves, of our participation in our own lives and our belonging to the world. We are able to source joy, even in difficult circumstances. We are at home.


How do we achieve this?

Sport, walking, yoga, dance, chi gong, and sex are all ways of coming back into our physical body. However we need to go a little further if we want to bring some meaning into our lives. This entails moving beyond regarding our bodies as workhorses and beginning to connect to the feeling states that lie beneath the surface what we might describe as the unconscious. These are largely laid down often in childhood or earlier. In the words of C. G. Jung:

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


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