What is CST?


craniosacral what is CSTCraniosacral Therapy is based on the work of the American Osteopath William Garner Sutherland (1873-1954). Over a century ago he discovered that the bones of the cranium move infinitesimally in and out in response to what he called “The Breath of Life”, a breath that is far more profound than our ordinary lung respiration.  Eventually Sutherland was able to palpate regular tidal motions of inhalation and expansion that progressed from the sacrum up the spine and opened into the cranium, followed by an exhalation as the tide flowed back again. This exquisite cranio-sacral ebb and flow occurs within the cerebro-spinal fluid that bathes our central and peripheral nervous systems, reaching deep into the tissues of the body.

By the end of his life Sutherland regarded this Primary Respiration as the response to a mysterious presence, that of the life force, that continually organises, refreshes and restores our whole system as it emerges from deep stillness. The CST practitioner is trained to link into these subtle movements whose full expression indicates the presence of healthand joy in the system and impediments to them blockages whether physical, emotional or mental, that could track back to the earliest years. At this level natural healing can take place - with the body-mind or “inner physician” (as Dr John Upledger described it) very much in charge.


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