Working with CST

All you as the client need to do is remain present with everything that is happening. Not such an easy thing when we think of our day-to-day “monkey mind” flitting between past and future and rarely being present. Craniosacral works through the relationship of the therapist and the client in present time. How can we do this?

Firstly by being aware of your body. Sense its weight, how comfortable it feels on the couch. We can only feel sensations in present time. Many of us need some encouragement to allow ourselves into this deep state. This can be provided through our use of resources.

Resourcing and the “felt sense”
DSCN1470Resources are used to bring us back into the body. Think of a place in nature that is particularly special to you. Imagine yourself standing there; perhaps you might hear the sea crashing on rocks or feel the sun on your skin. Take note of the physical responses you have to the sea or landscape. If visual experiences don’t work for you, try sound – a favourite piece of music - or touch (a wonderful massage, swimming in a warm ocean). Perhaps a colour gives you a sense of safety or cuddling a favorite pet.  These are all expansive experiences, they make our hearts sing, we relax and we feel good in ourselves. Resources also help you develop an awareness of that witness self, the essential you that is not the pain of the past or the worry of the future. Your consciousness becomes expanded into a place of potential wonderul possibility. It is here that we touch our intrinsic health.

In Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma (1997) Dr Peter Levine, internationally acknowledged expert in trauma work, gives exercises that focus on bodily sensations. Becoming familiar with this “felt sense” of safety and expansion is seen as key step in healing rather than going back into the traumatic event where the particular issue will continue to cycle without resolution. Working with resources in CST creates a safe space for you to work with these difficult areas. The emphasis is on maintaining control, only touching the difficult or painful areas when you feel sufficiently resourced to do so. This is the path to enhanced confidence and health.

Craniosacral therapists talk about their sessions as being client led. However it is not your conscious mind that is “leading” the treatment but a more organic instinctual level, the wisdom of the body-mind, that knows exactly what is required. Allowing yourself to trust this deep level is the core of craniosacral work. Hippocrates, father of Western Medicine called this the vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. Modern medicine talks of homeostasis - the body’s ability to self-regulate.  We witness this dynamic equilibrium daily, taking for granted that bruises and scratches heal, or that eventually colds vanish.


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