Conclusion of the Destress Research Project Report (September-November 2012) using the Perceived Stress Scale (Cohen 1983), the most widely used psychological instrument for the measurement of the perception of stress. Different therapies were selected and measured including Shiatsu. Here is the overall assessment of the Shiatsu sessions:

'Overall Jane has responded very positively to the Shiatsu treamtments she received from Jessica. The results of the questionnaires show a general trend to being more positive and feeling less 'stressed' even when under tremedous pressure both at work and in her private life. Jane concludes her journal with these words:

"Final appointment with Jessica. Quite sad that I won't be going every week to see her as she really is an amazing lady. My outlook has definitely changed, I'm feeling more relaxed & realise the importance of relaxation more than ever. In conclusion, Shiatsu massage has helped me no end. You need to be open minded and practice your breathing exercises (this is a particular technique I teach some clients) on a regular basis. However it is excellent for making you realise what you need to change in your life, I have & will continue to recommend it to my friends & family."

Jane - IT Analyst, Malmesbury


"I have had a course of shiatsu treatments with Jessica over several months. Firstly I can talk to Jessica about anything, either physically or emotionally, that is bothering me before the treatment starts. Jessica always listens and accepts everything wihout judgement. She is very intuitive and this makes the treatment very effective. I went to Jessica when I was going through emotional upheaval with my job, I wold arrive tired and stressed and leave relaxed and re-energised. The treatment is gentle but also pleasantly firm and I always fall into deep relaxation after a few minutes. Forsomeone like me who finds it difficult to relax, it is magical. I have carried on having semi-regular treatments because I think that it has made a noticeable difference to my general health and well-being."

Joy - busy mother of three, Swindon


shiatsu illustration body imageIt is often hard to explain the “before and after” experience with Shiatsu so occasionally I ask clients to tune into their physical sensations at the beginning of a session. It helps clarify what they are bringing as well as how their body sense has changed by the end of the treatment.

NS, an ex-nurse and busy housewife in her 40’s  is a regular client. She came for a session on 28 February 2007 on her second day out of a bed after a heavy bout of flu, which included a week of fever, sickness and nausea. She drew the first picture on arrrival, Her chest felt gluey and her sinuses were blocked. She had a sense of there being “missing pieces” (hence the sense of her being a biscuit with bites taken out in her picture). NS has Low Blood Pressure and feels a general sense of heaviness in the feet and legs. She gets cross when she is ill as she does not like being inactive (note the frown on her forehead).

After the session she described herself as feeling “bouncy, floaty and happy but tired, as if I had just done something I enjoyed doing. My cold feels better – soothed.” The cough felt “smoothed out” and she had a sensation as if “a warm cough mixture” had gone down her throat and flooded her lungs. NS could also breathe more easily and the pressure on her forehead had gone. Her eyes felt more open, she was now aware of her arms and could feel her toes opened out and a link with the earth. It is also interesting to note how her energetic field has expanded. Compare the sizes of the two drawings and the fluidity of the second compared with that of the first.

NS - Malmesbury


“I have been treated by Jessica for a number of years now and always look forward to my appointments.  Jessica has treated me for various problems over the years including anxiety, various physical pains and bereavement.  Jessica treats according to my needs each time and afterwards I feel energised, relaxed and more comfortable.  Most recently I have seen Jessica regularly throughout my pregnancy and now to help me recover.  During pregnancy, the shiatsu was particularly helpful for my sickness in the first trimester and pelvic pain in the third trimester.  After 37 weeks Jessica massaged various points to help encourage labour and provided me helpful leaflets so I could massage these points at home.  It was my first child and he arrived a week early!  I would highly recommend Jessica (and shiatsu) to anyone.”

KB - 35 year old mother & HR consultant, Bristol.


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