Your first visit


Who can benefit from shiatsu?
Anyone. Age is no bar either. I have treated babies of two months and people in their seventies.

first shiatsu visitFor best results and maximum relaxation it is preferable for the client to lie on a futon on the floor. Shiatsu in a sitting position is also possible for those who find lying down difficult. I treat pregnant clients on their sides from the second trimester onwards.

Are there any contraindications?
Because Shiatsu works with the body’s own energy, there are few circumstances when it is contradicated. However it cannot be stressed enough that in the case of serious illness you must advise your GP and check with him or her if Shiatsu is compatible with the treatment you are already having. Obviously if you are feeling unwell (eg. a fever or infectious disease) or have had recent surgery, then a treatment should be postponed until you recover. I would also recommend that you do not have Shiatsu with another complementary treatment on the same day. The effects would be counterproductive!



How should I prepare?
Avoid eating for at least an hour before the treatment.  Heavy meals are best avoided both before or after, as is alcohol.

What do I need to wear?
You remain fully clothed through the treatment. For maximum comfort you should opt for loose, preferably cotton, trousers and a long sleeved tee-shirt. Wearing a skirt or jeans make it difficult to perform some of the stretches. Ensure that the clothing is warm as your metabolic rate will slow down as you relax, which can lead to feeling cold.

How long will it take?
The first treatment will take an hour and a half to allow for a discussion of your case. Allow an hour and a quarter for subsequent sessions.


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