How can Shiatsu help me?

The effects of stress

How can Shiatsu help meSuppressing pain and discomfort encourages our physical bodies to become tense and defensive. We forget how it is to be relaxed and open to the world.  A Shiatsu treatment can release this "holding" by working on blocked ki that could be affecting our bodies at a deep level; this is because the meridians relate to individual organ systems. 

Many clients find Shiatsu helpful in times of emotional difficulty and when there is depression or unhappiness, loss of motivation or low energy without any obvious cause. In Chinese Medicine your wellbeing is expressed through the complex interrelationship of the five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Earth and Fire) within your body. These elements link in to different organ systems as well reflecting emotional and psychological responses. Treatment addresses blockages in the flow of their expression so that at the end of a session there is not just a localised difference in a specific condition (your back) but an overall sense of wellbeing throughout the bodymind.

For me real health is not the absence of disease. It is a feeling of integration and groundedness into the physical  body that produces a sense of calm, joy and self-confidence. Clients talk of feeling “more themselves” or “ironed out”; others may feel very energised while all describe themselves as “relaxed” or “lighter”.

 For example the Shiatsu practitioner can help with fear and lack of confidence by working on the Water element, specifically the Kidney and Bladder meridians on the back, reinforcing a sense of support. The Heart meridian is particularly effective with anxiety, while working on the Small Intestine channel, especially on the shoulderblades, is frequently successful for releasing the physical tension produced by whiplash. The Small Intestine is linked not just with the physical assimilation of food but also of emotions – hence its effectiveness in easing the traumatic effect of shock still locked in the body, say after a car accident.

Of course you are most welcome to call me and discuss any problem or issue you may have and see if you feel Shiatsu would be the way forward for you.


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