Labour preparation

Labour preparation & Focus points

I offer a 2 hour Labour Preparation Session for the mother-to-be and her birth partner. Initially we focus on their loving connection to their child through positions and energetic work. This can be both moving and powerful. Keeping this connection to your prenate during the birth process can be enormously supportive for the little one as he or she literally begins the journey of their lifetime.

In the session both are given the opportunity to experiment with positions that support labour. The partner will also be able to try out various supportive and activating acupressure techniques on mum so he/she can make an active contribution during the birth.  This kind of energetic holding and touch can really help ease the experience of birth at all levels.

shiatsu labour preparationIf mums are finding it difficult to schedule an appointment with their partner, why not try a special session to feel the effects of what we call the focus points? If you are having regular shiatsu I will schedule in a session at the end of your pregnancy on this topic anyway. It is important to note that these specific points are contraindicated during pregnancy as they support the whole process of birth, helping to move it forward naturally.  Many mums quite understandably can get really quite agitated about their due date particularly when there is a questionmark over when conception took place. A good shiatsu, combined with the use of  focus points, can help the mother’s system and encourage the little one to move onto the next stage - labour.

Printed leaflets on the work covered in the workshop and the focus point session will be provided so that mum and her birth partner can practice with the techniques at home.


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