Post-partum & baby massage

After the birth

After the tremendous, powerful and exhausting experience of birth, new mums have fresh and new challenges to meet just when they may be needing rest and time to recuperate. This is often the time when the mum needs bodywork most and yet finds the time and opportunity very difficult. I have no problem treating with a sleeping baby cuddling up! Gentle pressure on the central channels can really help revive and restore at this time. I would really like to impress on mums that this is a very important time to take care of yourselves. It will benefit your baby too.

Baby massage

shiatsu post partumTuition in Shiatsu Baby Massage for small groups of mums and babies is also available. My aim is to show how deeply rewarding touch can be as a means of communication between mum and baby. A key aspect of the 3 session course is to emphasise the importance of the mother’s wellbeing as well as that of her child.
Leaflets on the work covered in the baby massage workshops will be provided.



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