chinese medical bookThe Shiatsu Society has a webpage listing the current research on Shiatsu in the UK and Europe. (

Dr. Zoe Pirie’s research The Impact of Delivering Shiatsu in a General Practice (2003) was positive. The following results were noted:

The main impact of the shiatsu clinic on the general practice was that GP consultations with referred patients significantly reduced in terms of duration and frequency and involved fewer prescriptions for medication. GPs claimed that the clinic saved practice resources, offered greater options for care, increased their confidence in referrals to shiatsu, enhanced the reputation of the practice and encouraged a more holistic approach to health.

The referred patients presented a complex mix of chronic physical and psychological/emotional symptoms. After having shiatsu, they claimed they experienced less pain, digestive disorders, stress, depression, anger and anxiety and more energy, immunity, relaxation and support. A cycle of improvement emerged that suggested how this was partly due to patients reassessing their health and adopting new behaviours to prevent and treat symptoms. Treatment over a number of weeks showed that medications and visits reduced. (Abstract)

More widespread use of Shiatsu within an NHS context might be answer to the financial crisis!

For detailed case studies to see how Shiatsu has benefited various conditions see this webpage from the Shiatsu Society. (


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