What is Shiatsu?

What is shiatsuA Japanese physical therapy that emerged in the last century with its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Shiatsu also integrates knowledge of Western anatomy, physiology and pathology. Physical or emotional issues or conditions that do not fit in with or are dismissed by the classical Western medical approach are recognised as valid and addressable from the Shiatsu (TCM) viewpoint. Since 1964 Shiatsu has been officially recognised as a mainstream therapy by the Japanese Government while here in the West it has been increasingly accepted as a means of releasing tension and revitalising the whole system. 

A typical session involves stretches, gentle manipulation of joints and deep acupressure ("Shiatsu" means thumb pressure in Japanese) but feet, elbows and palms can also be used during a session. Particular pressure points and meridians are diagnosed that connect with specific organs, physiological systems and emotions relevant to the individual client. Work on these zones clears blockages and strengthens weak areas, allowing the body’s ki (energy) to flow, thereby stimulating the natural healing processes of the body and increasing vitality.

A session is also very relaxing, since Shiatsu touch is more related to pressure than manipulation.  When applied to acupoints, such pressure has been scientifically proved to release enkephalins or “happy hormones” from the brain; these in turn promote deeper relaxation. During treatment, you may sense a “switch” as your nervous system moves from a habitual fight/flight response into a more meditative state in which your body has a chance to let go, release tension and rebalance naturally.


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