What to expect


jessica johnson shiatsu consultationBefore the treatment you will be asked some general health questions. If you are a first time client then you will be asked to fill in a health questionaire prior to the session that can help pinpoint any conditions from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view. These will include queries about your diet, level of exercise and your responses to certain conditions as well as the usual brief medical history, dietary details and whether you are taking medication. In subsequent appointments this part of the session will be much shorter and will focus on any changes that have occurred.

The session itself takes place at floor level on a comfortable futon. For the next 50 minutes all you have to do is relax. The Shiatsu practitioner makes a diagnosis as a result of the brief chat at the start of the session, observation, and palpation of the area located beneath the ribs and above the hips. Two meridians are chosen, one “empty” (kyo), the other “full” (jitsu) that also resonate together.

These are treated using gentle thumb, finger, elbow or even knee pressure. Sometimes where the flow may seem static or very weak, deep thumb pressure is applied; other areas where there is build up of ki, shaking chopping or rubbing is used. The practitioner will gently manipulate and ease joints before moving onto treating specific meridians and acupoints. To access these you may be treated lying in side position, on your back, front, or a combination of the three. Joints are also gently pulled and stretched to release stuck ki.

Throughout the treatment the therapist is “listening” to the movement of energy, sensing it through her fingers and the responses within her own body. The practitioner is there to facilitate change and movement at the emotional, mental and spiritual as well as physical level.

At the end of the session some special exercises, breathing exercises or dietary advice may be given to support your treatment.



CIMG0457Don’t rush - take things easy. Let the body stay relaxed for as long as possible so that you derive maximum benefit from the Shiatsu. Since the treatment also frees up toxins and releases them into the system, it is recommended that you drink several glasses of plain water after the session to flush these out.

A session is aimed at relaxing the body so that its natural healing energy is allowed to work unhindered. Two meridian pathways are worked on and some additional acupuncture points are pressed in order to re-balance the whole body/mind system. This usually creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Very occasionally you might feel uncomfortable after your Shiatsu. This is part of the healing process and should clear within 24 hours. If you do have any concerns do not hesitate to ring me on the number listed above.

Observe how differently you feel. The sensation may be physical (reduction in pain, relaxed), emotional (calmer, more confident), mental (less confused, more aware), or spiritual (happy, open, trusting). Whatever it is, just observe and consciously take note. It is important to register such changes and assimilate them so they become naturally expressed within your body and your everyday awareness. This is all part of taking care of yourself.



This is of course your decision. Regular sessions help to re-educate the body. Clients move from an unconscious holding of stress in certain areas to a relaxed awareness of the body and a feeling of reconnecting with themselves. This sense of re-integration is the source of real health and well being. Regular sessions also help maintain the immune system.

If you have a specific problem I would recommend that you consider booking three sessions that are reasonably close together so that any changes can be monitored and built upon. In this way you are also taking responsibility for your health and choosing to make it your focus. Your body will welcome the attention!


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